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How Much Cash Can I Get From Selling Your Car?

Talking about scrap cars, we don’t see them of much value. They are more like useless pieces of metal taking up your space. But did you know that you can sell your used/scrap and get cash in return? 

Yes, these are called cash for cars service – and there are many Rockingham scrap car buyers waiting to get your car.

Now the question is: How much cash for cars Rockingham can you get? 

In this blog, we are going to delve into it and give you the details.

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Average Scrap Car Value In Rockingham

If you’re wondering how much quick cash for scrap vehicles you can make – the answer depends on the type of model you own.

  • For small cars with compact size and lighter weight, you can make anywhere between $200 to $300 in scrap value.
  • For sedan cars with more weight and larger structure, you can typically make around $400.
  • For heavy vehicles and SUVs -cars with substantial weight, you can make anywhere between  $450 to $600.

With that said, remember these are just an estimated value. With an old car removal service in Rockingham, you can expect to make approximately $500.

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Remember, there are multiple factors that affect the cost of scrap cars. We have highlighted them in detail.

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Factors That Affect The Cost of Scrap Cars 

Now that you know how much to expect from Rockingham auto removal car services, next you should consider the factors that influence this cost.

The Car Model

As mentioned earlier, the brand and your car model greatly impact the scrap value. Models that are of high value in the market will automatically yield high scrap prices.

Year of Manufacture 

A car’s age impacts the value of scrap cars. Even if the car is not working, but if it is relatively new – it still has some valuable parts you will get a good amount.

Vehicle Condition 

The overall condition of the car also affects its cost. If your car is majorly damaged then you might not get good cash on it. But this doesn’t mean that your scrap car is useless. Metals have value, and some materials can also be recycled.

Weight and Size

Lager vehicles give you a higher scrap value because of the amount of material they contain. This is the sole reason why larger vehicles give you more scrap value compared to smaller, lightweight vehicles.

Title Status 

This implies the legal status of the car – and it also affects the scrap value. A car with a clear title indicates that it is free of liens, and the car doesn’t have any legal issues – making the disposal hassle-free.

Fluctuations In The Value of Scrap Cars

Market fluctuations affect scrap cars as well. Following are the factors that can lead to the fluctuation of scrap car value:

  • Condition of the global economy
  • Ongoing demand for used car 
  • Scrap metal prices 

When thinking about getting cash for cars Rockingham, keep in mind the market dynamics.

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Tips To Maximize Cash For Cars Rockingham

Here are a few tips to make the most from cash for cars service:

  1. Get an idea of the market before you sell your car
  2. Increase the overall profit by removing all the valuable components
  3. Selling a clean car will fetch you more value 
  4. Collect quotes from multiple sources and choose the one that suits you the best. 


Selling your scrap car might not bring you massive profits, but it definitely contributes to a sustainable environment – allowing the parts of your scrap vehicle to be reused. And with the right knowledge and approach you can make the most from cash for cars service. Get in touch with WA Fast Car Removal and enjoy instant Cash For Cars Rockingham!

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