Cash For Cars in Perth

How To Get Cash For Cars in Perth Without Getting Scammed 

Thinking of selling your dusty, old car in Perth for cash without getting ripped off? In recent years, there have been many car removals Perth companies promising instant cash for junk cars. However before getting to the fun part, you need to be extra careful in navigating this “cash maze” without falling prey to scammers. 

This guide will help you with the knowledge to get instant cash for scrap cars Perth safely and smoothly.

Common Car Buying Scams In Perth

Before we give you the strategies to help you avoid scams that you could fall foul of when selling cash for cars Perth, you must be aware of the potential scams that people are falling prey to. Here are a few of them:

Buying a Car Without Proper Inspection 

If the buyer is too eager to purchase your car without even taking the opportunity to inspect the condition of your car or take a test drive, it is a major red flag. 

Scammers can do this by claiming that they are overseas, busy at work or can come up with any creative excuse so that they don’t have to interact with you personally.

Asking Personal Information

Many scammers in Perth are not actually after your car but your personal details. If the buyer asks for bank details and other personal information, which they have nothing to with high chances are that it’s a scam.  

Be extra vigilant when approaching any car removals Perth company. 

 Bounced Checks

Talking about scammers, they will rarely agree to pay you instant cash for your car.  So if you’ve agreed to receive a cheque against your car, and the cheque is getting bounced along with other attempts of payments failing, you’re dealing with a scammer.

WA Fast Car Removals is an authorized and licensed company providing instant cash for car removals Perth – where you don’t need to worry about bounced cheques or failed payments. 

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Solo Test Drives  

When a buyer comes to test your car, they would obviously want a test drive. They can have the best intentions. However, it’s normal to ask a buyer to leave their driver’s license or any valued possession with you while they take your car for a test drive.  But if the buyer hesitates, insists on his genuinity and also wants to take your car for a solo drive, you may be dealing with a scammer.


The majority of the people fall for this scam. Though this may seem like a win, paying an amount more than what you both have agreed on is unlikely to be an honest mistake. The cheque may seem cleared into your bank account but can be stopped or refused weeks later. 

Unusual Payment Method

Most companies offer cash for car removals Perth or credit card or bank transfer. But if they are offering unusual payment methods like crypto or ‘wire transfer’  like Western Union or MoneyGram, it’s advisable to ensure their legitimacy before sending your vehicle.

Seller in a Hurry 

By rushing the car buying process and the transaction, scammers often force you to make quick conditions without proper consideration. This is a tactic scammers use to scam sellers. 

Prices Are Too Good To Be True

Yes, the idea is to give you a good deal on your car, but no car buyer does it at the expense of suffering a loss. Therefore it’s rare that people will agree at once to your original offer. People who agree to offer you the full price without any hesitation, usually they are not genuine buyers.

Safety Measures To Protect Yourself From Scammers When Selling Car Online

Once you’ve decided to sell your car online, here are some of the safety precautions that you can take to avoid getting scammed:

Meet the Buyer In Person

 The first precaution is never to sell your car to someone whom you cannot meet in person. Arrange a meeting at a convenient public location. If they are genuine and really interested in buying your car, they will come to the agreed location.  At the same time, meeting in a public place will save you from revealing your address to a stranger.

Verify the Buyer’s Identity and Credentials 

Before engaging with a buyer or any car removals Perth company Make sure to conduct thorough reviews. If you are selling to a company, look for reviews, testimonials or ratings online to understand the legitimacy and the reliability of the buyer company. If you are selling to an individual, ask for a proper form of identification and credentials.

Any hesitation on their part is a major red flag to look out for.

Avoid Unusual Payment Method

 Though many companies are now offering cryptocurrency in exchange for your car,  it’s advisable to stay away from such companies. Get in touch with WA Fast Car Removals and get instant cash for scrap car removal Perth.

Listen To Your Instincts 

Anytime your prospective buyer makes you feel uncomfortable or questions that genuineness, there is nothing bad about calling off the deal. Most of the time, your gut feeling will stop you from falling victim to scammers.


When selling cars online, it is always smart to be aware of the red flags and take extra measures to protect yourself from possible scammers. WA Fast Car Removal is a licensed and insured company offering car removals Perth. This means you get serious offers on your car, and you don’t have to fall victim to the hands of scammers.

Ensure a smooth and quick car-selling experience with WA Fast Car Removal.

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